Quai Network Social Rewards Opportunities!

I’ll briefly cover the mechanics of “Quai Quest 2: A Strange Delivery” which had a reward of 15,000 Mainnet Quai tokens.

The Quest started with a piece of paper, strange delivery that is unknown. Participants needed to decipher the code on the piece of paper to 1) understand how to move further, and 2) actually move to the next stage. Community members did need to decipher lots of codes, for instance, one of the decipher mechanisms directly included Quai infrastructure of 3 blockchain levels, Where P1 & P2 stand for Prime chain 1 & Prime chain 2; R1,2, etc. stand for Region chain 1,2, etc. and Z — stands for Zone chains. In the picture below one can see the graph.

Fire to Quai Network for putting so much effort into Quests!

If I were you I’d look out for more events like this in the nearest future — it is a great chance to learn more about Quai and the world! And while you are waiting for Quests, you can engage with Social Media Rewards Program designed by Quai Network to get any early community member an opportunity to earn some $QUAI.

Social Media Rewards Program

Participating Social networks include Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, and Instagram. You can receive $QUAI for follows, mentions, and reposts.

Why join Quai Social Media Rewards Program apart from getting $QUAI?

  • Following Quai Network and its team members is a good chance to be updated on web3 news and tech
  • You can gain an understanding of Quai to be able to engage with the network further as an ambassador, for instance
  • Quai team is just an awesome source of knowledge & positive vibes



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